Lounge Visit Price Increase Member FAQs
Why are you changing your prices?
We want the DragonPass service to continually meet the needs of our customers. 
It has been over 6 years since we have increased our lounge visit fees. During this time we have absorbed the rising costs of providing our offering, but we have reached the point we need to make an adjustment to our fees. This is to maintain the quality and allow us to add more of your favourite outlets to our network.
When will the new visit fees come into effect?
They will come into effect for any membership purchased after May 1st 2019.
I'm an existing customer, what will happen with the cost of any visits I want to buy?
For existing customers the lounge visit rate prior to May 1st 2019 is applicable until the membership expires. To see when your membership expires, check the ‘Valid Till’ date on your membership card in the app.
I have a DragonPass membership that was not purchased directly from the DragonPass website or app. What will happen to the price I pay?
If you have received a membership through any other channel than direct from the DragonPass website or app, such as a bank or benefit scheme, then your lounge visit rate will not change unless otherwise informed by the membership issuer.
Will the new price be the same for member visits and guest visits?
Yes, the new price is applicable for both members and any guests they wish to bring with them into the lounge.
Why was I not informed that visit fees were increasing?
We have informed about the visit fee increase on our website and in the app, and have also emailed all existing customers.
Where can I see which visit fee is applicable to me?
By clicking ‘Add Visit(s)’ under the ‘My Cards’ section in the app you will see the price for purchasing a lounge visit. Since your visit count must be topped up in the app before entering a lounge, you will get full visibility on what visit fee is applicable for your membership.
Does this visit fee increase affect all lounges?
Yes, we operate with a single lounge visit fee regardless of location, so the price change will affect all lounges.
Can I cancel my Membership?
We will be very sorry to see you go, but you have 14 days after purchase to change your mind. If you wish to cancel your membership after this time, contact us to discuss your options. For all cancellation queries, contact support@dragonpassuk.com. If you didn’t receive your membership directly from DragonPass, please contact your membership issuer who will arrange this cancellation for you.
Are Preferential Members affected?
For Preferential memberships purchased after May 1st 2019 the visit fee for members and guests will be increased.
I have a Preferential membership which includes 8 visits, does this price increase have an effect on how many visits are included in my membership?
For Preferential membership purchased after May 1st 2019, you will still receive 8 visits. Any additional visits or guest visits will be charged at the new rate. For memberships purchased before May 1st 2019, the price increase is not applicable.
Are Prestige Members affected?
For Prestige memberships purchased after May 1st 2019 the visit fee for guests will be increased. Members can still enjoy unlimited visits.
I have a Prestige membership which includes unlimited member visits, does this price increase have an effect on how many visits are included in my membership?
Prestige members will continue to enjoy unlimited lounge usage. However, memberships purchased after May 1st 2019 will have the new visit fee for guest visit fees.